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This all begun in 2017 when I discovered my passion and capabilities in public speaking but mainly motivational speaking in the most unusual ways. This begun as a burning desire to simply share with young adults and students in schools my high school journey and story alongside the challenges I faced growing up through a project that at the time had named “Youth Alive”. As a matter of fact, I mobilized a team to work with and these were fellow HIV positive youth like me at the time, who at the time we were receiving their ART treatment at the same local hospital.

The execution plan involved us visiting schools to educate students about HIV/AIDS, carrying out HIV testing and counselling but mostly sharing our positive living life stories as means to encourage these students freely open up and express their pains, distress and emotional baggage to a professional counselor or therapist.


What started as a try and error situation ended up in me writing a proposal for us to start the project which was to be operated under this hospital. I brainstormed everything, went through the process for months and did all the work only to realize that the hospital wasn’t going to execute the project nor be supportive. It’s at that point that I gave up chasing and quit.

Little did I know that this was my calling and that no matter what, it had to be fulfilled. A wise man once told me that “whatever we born to do, we were built to do”. A year later down the road in 2019, I felt the desire all over again to reach out to schools to share and speak, one fortunate afternoon this burning desire led me into a former school where I ended up speaking to the careers master and convinced him to give me an opportunity to counsel their students and from this onwards I have never looked back.

Since then I have been hosted to conferences as a panelist, media stations (Radio and Television), Rotary and Rotaract club fellowship presentations, church and school presentations, community engagements and featured in multiple online and hardcopy newspapers that’s to say at or with the organizations below;

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I am an architectural draftsman with six years of experience having worked with reputable companies making me capable of 2D and 3D designs, hands- on drafting, submission sets, site visits & investigations and supervisions.

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