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Why We Do It

The services shall be performed in a way that a victim (child/youth) shall be tested for HIV before being admitted into the home, upon which when results return a file shall be opened about this child, their background and full details shall be captured. Incase this child had been harassed or dumped, a police case shall be opened up and a statement taken to assess what exactly happened and all shall be carried out by the social workers on ground. This child shall then be given medical attention (first aid) alongside ART treatment if required as soon as possible.

After the assessment, if the family of this child is found and are willing to take them back then so be it otherwise DKSS shall enroll them into the program, also if the rapist is found, they shall be prosecuted by court. In a situation where the child is left with the organization, we shall first rehabilitate and counsel this child for a couple of weeks then thereafter offer psych-social support then later be attached to a support group depending on the category this child falls in.
After this, the child will be given carrier and academic guidance depending on the class they last attended to help them identify their purpose, dreams & goals and thereafter be guided on which hands-on skill to undertake.

Economic and financial empowerment activities to be carried out shall include through intense skilling in fields like metal works & welding, weaving & knitting, wood work & carpentry, sewing/tailoring, hair dressing, shoe making, art & crafts design, charcoal making, carpet making, liquid soap & shampoo making, entrepreneurship & business skills, paper & plastic recycling, agriculture, pottery (clay modeling), MDD, brick making, computer literacy, life skills, English & Religion to mention but a few and we hope to be certified by examining bodies. Upon completion they shall be equipped with marketing skills for their produce. As soon as they graduate and are able to facilitate themselves financially, the organization shall set them free to start their own lives.

However they can still seek medical services from the hospital since improved medical services shall be provided through ART recommendations to various hospitals until the organization fundraises enough to construct a typical hospital with a minimum of 500 beds and with a hospital in existence, all medical services shall be provided to pregnant mothers/teenagers, the physically disabled, visually impaired, deaf, the sexually harassed, drug addicts, and the mentally capacitated. No one shall be left out.

DKSS shall offer its beneficiaries the following services; free ART treatment counseling, life coaching, emotional support, education, rehabilitation & psych-social support, academic & career guidance, HIV campaigns & tours (HIV awareness), support groups & families, SRHR training, accommodation (shelters) alongside economic empowerment.

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I am an architectural draftsman with six years of experience having worked with reputable companies making me capable of 2D and 3D designs, hands- on drafting, submission sets, site visits & investigations and supervisions.

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