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Daria Kayitesi Safe Space (DKSS) is a youth-led and youth-serving non-profit organization that was founded by Miss Ruth Namutebi Elizabeth named after her late mother Daria Kayitesi that came into existence after she was hit by the reality of challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS in all calibers. 

This home will be a self-facilitated gated community with a certified and registered hospital, a licensed vocational and technical institute, and guest houses for caretakers and service providers, administration block, police post, kitchen, and shelters, chapel/mosque plus an agricultural farm which will be privately owned by the organization itself, the farm will help produce food for the beneficiaries but will also act as an income generator. This will be the largest gated community in Uganda with employees locally employed including teachers, medical practitioners and specialists, social workers, peer educators, mentors, coaches, volunteers, interns & casual workers etc. 
DKSS shall be located in Buikwe district in a self-facilitated gated community whose target audience is exclusive to young adults aged 30yrs and below living with HIV/AIDS. The category of beneficiaries will include those who have been sexually harassed and abused, homeless (street/runaway kids), children from child headed families, orphaned/dumped children, school dropouts and those born with HIV. 

However in the long run, DKSS intends to expand by taking on more complex situations such as the elderly aged 30yrs and above living with HIV, pregnant teenagers, people living with disabilities, prostitutes, drug addicts, and single parents especially mothers, & the mentally impaired.  

Upon partnering with the various NGOs, DKSS hopes to expand providing services to the entire neighboring community (people living without HIV) at an affordable and friendly cost. DKSS construction projects shall offer employment opportunities to the community. The Organization hopes to fund these programs through grants and donated revenue. 

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To facilitate the basic needs of life of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Our Vision

To build a stigma-free self-facilitated society impacting safe space (gated community) for PLHIV

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